Spend a weekend in a dream place very close to miami. 

The Bahamas is a 700-island chain nestled between Florida, Cuba and the Turks and Caicos. A sailing destination for centuries, a yacht charter in the Bahamas is to explore one o



Imagine a destination where the sounds of the multihued ocean gently bids you hello.  Palm trees not only shade you from the golden sun, but also dance with the cool breeze.  A place where you are completely adorned by the beauty reflected from the pristine beaches and colorful strolling peacocks.  Yes, this location does exist, and it genuinely hopes that you will want to explore its majestic landscape.  is a heavenly island embraced by its friendly natives and by drifters lucky enough to experience its magnificence.  Bimini sparkles with many enriching attractions, blessing everyone in its path with an impressive mixture of exquisiteness and culture.

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